Opiate Treatment Centers of America (OTCOA) treats opiate addiction using medication-assisted therapy combined with behavioral counseling in an outpatient setting. Our scientific methodology takes a combinatorial approach to pharmacogenetic testing – the first of its kind in the world – to deliver customized treatment based on an individual’s metabolic capacities. OTCOA is driven by our mission to provide the most scientifically-advanced opiate addiction treatment available today, at an affordable price that makes recovery accessible to those who need it.

Traditional forms of treatment rely on a 12-step program, often times in a residential setting that removes the patient from his or her life for a 30-day period. The cost and time required for this level of care can be an insurmountable barrier to treatment, particularly now that insurance companies are covering less and less of the associated fees. For many who are able to access residential treatment, relapse into active addiction occurs within the first year, sometimes sooner. The cycle of detox, rehab, and relapse repeats itself again and again.

Despite many decades of poor results with these traditional approaches, the addiction treatment community has been slow to adopt new methods. In many ways, they have outright rejected what science tells us about addiction and its most effective treatment options. This belief-based position has limited patient access to effective care and has perpetuated disproven myths about the very nature of addiction and those who suffer from it.

Custom, Comprehensive, Accessible Treatment Services For Opioid Addiction

$275 initial per month outpatient opiate rehabilitation ($225 repeats)

Suboxone (medication-assisted) treatment

Monthly sessions with doctor and physical therapist; Individual counseling sessions, as designated in your individualized treatment plan; All at one location

Personalized treatment based on an individual’s DNA – evaluates which medications are most compatible at what precise dosage

Long-term results – definitive answers 

Minimizing associated opiate withdraw risks and adverse effects

Scientific insight that provides maximum relief

An OTCOA team that cares about your success

Advancing Opiate Addiction Treatment

OTCOA views opiate addiction the same way the larger health care profession views similar chronic health conditions, such as diabetes. It is a medical condition that is effectively managed through medical intervention and behavioral changes. Our model delivers medical intervention through Suboxone therapy and behavioral changes through individual counseling. This powerful combination has been proven to be far more effective than traditional treatment approaches for opiate addiction. And, it can be effectively achieved in an outpatient office setting, making it more affordable and more accessible to more people.

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Our Pharmacogenetic Testing

Traditional pharmacogenetic tests are only equipped to evaluate one or two metabolic pathways of drug absorption. OTCOA has created a DNA diagnostic tool unlike any in the world that evaluates all of the possible drug metabolic pathways. This approach removes the guesswork from prescribed medications, including psychiatric medications. For patients suffering from co-occurring mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, finding the right medication in the right dosage can be vital to lasting recovery. In addition, our DNA test can help identify the type of addiction you may be more prone to: satiating, compulsive, or chronic. This information can help our treatment team identify the best treatment options for you. This is precision treatment, using the most advanced scientific data available today.

Who We Are

Each of our founding members has experienced the aftereffects of opioid addiction in their personal lives – from family members to friends. They have seen the enormous difference effective care can make in determining whether someone lives or dies, whether someone recovers a life of health and happiness or stays trapped in the downward spiral of addiction. OTCOA staff are skillful, compassionate, and committed to helping you or your loved one enter into and stay in recovery.

A Revolutionary Opiate Treatment Option

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