Affordable Opiate Addiction Treatment

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Addiction treatment has carried a stigma of being expensive, inconvenient and unsuccessful for too long. We have worked hard to create an outpatient program that accepts insurance and is still affordable to those without it.

Many addicted to opiates claim they can’t afford rehabilitation, when in reality the cost of their addiction can be over 8x more costly than addiction treatment at Opiate Treatment Centers of America. The proof is in the numbers.

Estimated Cost of OxyContin Addiction by Novus Detox

For purposes of our example, let’s assume that a person uses 120 milligrams of OxyContin each day or 3,600 milligrams per month, and they have to purchase it on the street. Using the DEA estimated average cost of $1.15 per milligram, here are the costs of OxyContin:
• Daily: $138
• Monthly: $4,140
• Yearly: $49,680

Estimated Cost of Heroin Addiction by Addiction Blog

A heroin addict’s daily habits costs about $150 on average; some may use less and some may even spend more obtaining the drug. If you spend $150 daily on heroin, that will end up costing you more than $54K in one year’s time.

• Daily: $150
• Monthly: $4,500
• Yearly: $54,000

Affordable Opiate Addiction Treatment


Get Help for Opiate Addiction With or Without Insurance

At OTCOA we are driven by our mission to provide the most scientifically-advanced opiate addiction treatment available today, at an affordable price – $500 per month ($325 insured). We want to make recovery accessible to those who need it.

In addition to our affordable addiction treatment, 5% of all OTCOA profits are donated to the American Institute of Opiate Abuse. We are in the business of achieving addiction freedom and eliminating the opiate addiction epidemic all together.

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