Best Way To Detox From Opiates

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Suboxone is the newest and most effective drug treatment for opiate addiction given to addicts during withdrawal. Suboxone has quickly revolutionized the addiction treatment landscape resulting in an increased chance for addicts to achieve lasting recovery.

Traditional opiate addiction treatment has included inpatient rehab and drugs such as methadone. But these methods have proven to be ineffective and the number of opiate related overdoses continued to rise. 

Opiate Withdrawal Medication

Suboxone is the newest addiction drug on the scene and has quickly become the leader in opiate withdrawal medication. With less addictive capabilities than the traditional methadone, Suboxone blocks the opioid receptor which keeps it from being stimulated. Suboxone also makes it impossible to get high off of opiates. This combination stops the withdrawal symptoms and the chase from any euphoria without risking an addiction to Suboxone.

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Best Way To Detox from Opiates

If you are preparing to detox from opiates it is very important that you do so in the care of a medical professional. Opiate withdrawal without the help of a drug like Suboxone can be dangerous, do not try to quit cold turkey.

The best way to detox from opiates is to join an outpatient program that combines medication with behavioral therapies. This way you have access to the drug Suboxone to manage your cravings and the strong withdrawal effects while also receiving the emotional and mental support needed to overcome your triggers and old habits.

Outpatient rehabilitation combined with Suboxone and behavioral therapies is a winning combination because you are not separated from your support system. Your day-to-day is not interrupted, reducing the stress of potentially having to quit a job, find childcare and dealing with the emotions of feeling alone in your journey.

Seeking treatment from opiate addiction is not something to be ashamed of, thousands of Americans struggle with opiate addiction every day. At Opiate Treatment Centers of America the world of addiction treatment has evolved into an affordable, effective and accessible reality. Our addiction specialists use only the latest and greatest in opiate addiction treatments to help you achieve a lasting freedom from opioid addiction.

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