Dear Colleague: An Open Letter Endorsement from ER Physician

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When a patient or there loved one struggles with opiate use or abuse, it can be overwhelming to find treatment that works.  It can be difficult just to find a medical professional who understands the impact of opioid addiction, and empathizes with a patient’s struggle.

Gregory Bledsoe, MD MPH, has seen the impact of opiate use in the United States, and he knows that there’s a problem. In the letter below, he recognizes the devastating human toll that opiates take, and identifies a solution: medication-assisted therapy (MAT). However, he notes that MAT is beyond the reach of most of the general public, in spite of its track record of success

“The need for MAT greatly outpaces its availability,” Bledsoe writes, “Although MAT has been demonstrated as effective even in an office setting, for many patients the only available treatment facilities are expensive inpatient programs… these reasons explain why I joined the Opiate Treatment Centers of America.”

Bledsoe works as an associate professor of emergency medicine at Arkansas Heart Hospital and has a joint faculty appointment at the College of Public Health. Here is his complete address to doctors seeking treatment for their patients struggling with opiate abuse:

 Dear Colleague Letter

Dear Colleague Letter



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