Does Addiction Cause Depression?

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Bad days are unavoidable.

While many are able to brush off these bad days as simply that, individuals who struggle with depression find themselves unable to easily recover. For those battling with drug addiction, periods of depression may act as a trigger for addiction, leaving many wondering, does addiction cause depression or vice versa?

It is true that addiction is commonly found in those susceptible to mental health issues such as depression. In fact, the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reports that one in three adults who struggle with substance abuse also suffer from depression.

However, drug abuse and depression are separate. When found together it is known as co-occurring disorders or mental health conditions.

Depression and Addiction recovery

Drug Abuse and Depression

Living with co-occurring mental health conditions such as depression and addiction is tough. If one condition is left untreated the other can become develop into a more severe issue. Their combined symptoms increase the risk of derailing a successful treatment for addiction.

Hope for addiction and depression recovery

Depression and Addiction Recovery

Achieving addiction recovery can already feel like an uphill battle. For those suffering with co-occurring depression, the battle for recovery can seem insurmountable.

With OTCOA depression and addiction recovery is possible.

We offer the most advanced scientific testing to create effective and affordable treatment. Our pharmacogenetics testing works to find the right medication in the right dosage while our behavioral-therapy sessions provide individualized care.

If you or a loved one is suffering from both depression and opiate addiction, it’s time get help with OTCOA.

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