Faces of Opiate Treatment Centers of America: Jason

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Meet Jason, one of the co-founders of Opiate Treatment Centers of America.

Jason’s personal story is one that needs to be shared. It is proof that Opiate Treatment Centers of America was started with the pure intention of providing an effective treatment to all opiate addicts.

Jason’s determination to find a treatment plan for a loved one lead to many hard conversations about the reality of current opiate addiction treatments. After some time Jason decided to combine the two competing leading theories of addiction treatment and ultimately discovered the key, opening the most scientifically advanced opiate treatment centers in Texas and the nation.

Typically, opiate addictions begin because opiates were prescribed to treat an injury. Jason and the team at OTCOA developed a holistic addiction treatment that combines physical therapy for the pain with other therapies for all pieces of your addiction. OTCOA addiction specialists combine genetic testing with research on your particular amino acids and opiate receptors to create a medically advanced treatment piece, while behavioral specialists identify the stresses, emotions and triggers that feed into your addiction.

It was a goal of Jason’s to make opiate addiction treatment affordable and more accessible to the public. Jason fights against the saying, ‘The rich go to rehab and the poor go to prison.” At OTCOA, treatment ranges between $500 and $350 a month, depending on insurance. For many addicts this is less than the monthly cost of their addiction. The outpatient approach also allows for those in treatment to continue working and stay involved with their support group. The OTCOA team understands how important it is that you aren’t forced to put your life on hold. Instead, you are given the tools to fight addiction in a realistic space, with your family, friends and coworkers there to support you.

Opiate Treatment Centers was started with the pure intention of being the best San Antonio treatment center, providing the most scientifically advanced treatment options to everyone. Affordability, effectiveness and accessibility lie at the heart of everything OTCOA does. We invite you to discover this for yourself.

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