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Opiate addiction is a nationwide epidemic. Its impact can be felt in every corner of our society. From rural to urban communities, from low to high income families, from teenagers to senior citizens, opiate addiction does not discriminate. Much like other diseases, such as diabetes or cancer, opiate addiction is a condition that requires effective treatment in order for it to get better.

The symptoms that accompany withdrawal from opiates are both physically painful and psychologically disruptive. Some of these symptoms, called post-acute withdrawal symptoms, can last for years after opiate use has stopped. The structure and functioning of the brain changes during opiate addiction, making it extremely difficult to abstain from use for extended periods of time. As much as you or your loved one may want to stop, the cycle of rehabilitation and relapse can repeat itself again and again. Meanwhile, damage to the brain and body continues, and the risk of overdose or death increases.

If you or your loved one is suffering from this cycle, we can help. With the most advanced approach to opiate addiction treatment available today, Opiate Treatment Centers of America is committed to providing affordable solutions that actually work. 

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OTCOA’s opiate addiction treatment process combines Suboxone-assisted therapy with behavioral therapies in an outpatient setting.  This customized and comprehensive treatment model is a more accessible, more affordable, and more effective alternative to traditional rehab. Opiate addiction is a condition with both medical and psychological implications. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables our patients to receive the broad spectrum of care they need to sustain lasting recovery in one private, comfortable healthcare setting.

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Our scientific methodology takes a combinatorial approach to pharmacogenetic testing – the first of its kind in the world – for customized treatment based on an individual’s metabolic capacities. This testing helps your doctor determine the best prescription medications and dosages for you, custom tailored to your DNA for best results. It also helps identify the most effective therapeutic approaches for you, based upon the type of addiction you are most prone to: satiating, compulsive or chronic.

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Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed. Treatment with OTCOA enables our patients to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain and regain control of their lives.

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