Help, My Teen Is Addicted to Opiates

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If you believe your teen is addicted to opiates, it’s okay we are here to help.

First, remember to breath. You are not alone in this situation, teen addiction is real and if handled correctly it will not be the end of your child’s life.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate and it is important that your teenager knows they are not alone. Teens are often prescribed opiates from doctors to help fight chronic pain from athletic injuries or existing conditions. While some can take them as prescribed, others may be more susceptible to the grips of addiction.

Signs of an Addicted Teen from the National Institute on Drug Abuse

  • Slipping grades
  • Lack of interests in hobbies
  • Change in friend groups
  • Increased problems with family members
  • Getting in trouble at school or with the law

If your teen is exhibiting these signs along with the signs of Opiate addiction, it is time to take action.

Anti-social teen addicted to opiates

Practice Calm and Honest Communication

When initially approaching your teen remember that when teenagers feel under attack they can become defensive. They may try to manipulate the situation and attack you with questions about your past mistakes and drug use. If this happens remember that calm and honest communication is key. Once you have reached the point of being able to calmly and openly discuss the situation then you can work together towards appropriate treatment.

Teen frustrated with opiate addiction

Seek The Best Treatment Options

There are treatment options available to all opiate addicts, even teens. Be sure to research your choices and pick a treatment plan that is going to best fit your teenager’s recovery goals. Outpatient treatment programs, like that offered here at Opiate Treatment Centers of America, are designed to help teens receive scientifically advanced treatment while remaining in school and in society. This is beneficial because they do not receive treatment in a trigger free zone. Instead, they learn how to handle their addiction in everyday situations and do not have the added stress of falling behind in school or missing important family moments.

Supporting teens addicted to opiates

Commit Fully To Their Success

Once a treatment program has been decided on, commit to it 100%. Seeking treatment for addiction can be intimidating, embarrassing or even scary. When your teen knows that his or her support circle is committed fully to their success, their determination to recover will be that much stronger.

At Opiate Treatment Centers of America our goal is to provide all opiate addicts, teens and adults, with a caring and modern scientific approach to addiction treatment. No two addicts are alike and our doctors take the time to design a unique outpatient program for each individual that combines behavioral therapy with medication-assisted therapy. We are proud to say that our programs are affordable and we continue to work hard to make them accessible to all who need them. Begin treatment today and help your teen get their life back.

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