How Does Opiate Addiction Begin?

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Opiate addiction often starts by doing something you were told to do.

Imagine, you just received major back surgery or you had a bad collision during a baseball game and now you’ve been subscribed opioids for the pain. You didn’t seek out opiates, you were instructed to take them.

Opiates, or opioids, are commonly prescribed by a doctor to help relieve chronic pain. However, millions of Americans who are prescribed opiates soon find themselves addicted. So how does this addiction start?
What are the signs of opiate addiction

How Opiate Addiction Begins

There are a couple ways someone could develop an addiction to opiates. First, the human body can build up an immunity to the opiate’s pain relieving abilities. When someone develops this immunity, they may start to increase their dosage without instruction from their doctor. Soon, without the higher dosage, it becomes impossible to get the same pain relieving effects.

If a higher dosage is taken regularly a dependence is formed. After a short while it’s no longer a choice, in order to function normally the higher dosage is a must.

Addiction can also develop when opioids are taken incorrectly, such as when there is no pain. According to Non12-StepRehab, this can happen when a patient is being overly cautious, failing to follow instructions or because they want to treat a minor pain with their leftover opiates.

If the body is not experiencing pain, the opiates have no pain signals to block. Instead, the opiates can cause feelings of relaxation or what some describe as elation. These feelings trigger the pleasure center of the brain which develops a craving. This craving becomes the start of the vicious cycle that is opiate addiction.

how to answer, am I an addict?

Am I An Addict?

Signs of opiate addiction include increasing dosage without doctor permission or using opiates improperly. Understanding how opiate addiction begins can help answer the important question, am I an addict? (Read more on ‘Faces of Addiction‘) While opiate addiction is often something that evolves from something you were supposed to be do, addicts are in control of ending their addiction.

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