How To Support a Recovering Opiate Addict

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Being a friend to a recovering addict can be an emotionally trying time, but the benefits of having strong support systems during recovering are huge. If you have found yourself having to learn how to become a friend to a recovering addict, it is important that you know your support is appreciated and that you have the power to make a very positive impact in your friend’s life.

To support a recovering opiate addict, follow these four tips:

1. Be Ready to Listen

Opiate addiction recovery is a process full of highs and lows. Being a friend who is a great listener will be a wonderful asset for the recovering addict. It is best that you simply listen and do not respond with criticism. If you want to keep the conversations going you can use non-accusatory questions and a friendly demeanor.

2. Encourage Healthy Behavior

As a friend, your behavior holds a lot of influence. If you chose healthy behavior you will be encouraging healthy behavior. When you’re together choose productive and healthy activities. Don’t hang out in places that encourage drinking or smoking or high-levels of stress both physically and emotionally. Each recovering addict has their own unique set of triggers that are typically tied to these unhealthy behaviors. Learn more about addiction triggers.

3. Educate Yourself on Relapse Signs

Educating yourself on the common relapse signs can be the difference between being a good friend and being an awesome friend. When you hang out with your recovering addict friend and you know that relapse signs you are armed with the tools in intervene and help ensure a continued path to addiction freedom.  

4. Be Patient

Opiate addiction recovery is a long road with many trials and successes along the way. It is important you continually remind yourself that patience is crucial. There will be times that you feel your friend is making great progress but then there will be others where you may question their behavior or become frustrated with your decisions. It is important you remain patient and supportive. Navigating the recovery process takes patience.

At Opiate Treatment Centers of America we understand that recovery is very often a group effort. We have a team of addiction specialists ready to work together and create a custom recovery plan that combines the physical and mental aspects of recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling with opiate addiction, it’s time to get your life back.

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