How To Keep Your Prescription Drugs Safe

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Prescription drugs are among the highest abused substances not only by those prescribed the medication, but by those simply looking for a high. For those who have not been prescribed opiates they often times have access to them from a friend or family member who has been. The family medicine cabinet is an easy to access, trove of prescriptions waiting to fall into the wrong hands.

If you have been prescribed opiates it is important that you know where to store your prescription to keep them out of the wrong hands. Teens, adults and small children are all at risk of danger if opiates are ingested improperly.

keep prescriptions away from teens

Keep Prescriptions Away From Teens

There is a common misunderstanding that because a drug is prescribed, it is safe for anyone to take. This misconception can be very dangerous, even deadly. Unfortunately, teens are taking prescription opiates either for themselves or sell them to friends at an alarming rate.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, defines “pharming“ as “swapping prescription and/or over-the-counter medications and taking them all at once, often with alcohol, to get high — has become a popular and dangerous trend among teens.”

According to the National Institutes of Health-National Institute on Drug Abuse, OxyContin and Vicodin are the most abused prescription drugs by teens.

how to keep prescription drugs safe

How to Keep Prescription Drugs Safe

If you have been prescribed opiates for pain it is important that you are taking them only as prescribed that friends and family do not have access to them. To keep your prescription opiates safe, follow these simple tips.

  • Keep your prescriptions out of obvious places, such as the medicine cabinet. Try to think of a spot others won’t think to look or won’t come across accidently.
  • Educate your household on the dangers of abusing all prescriptions, including opioids. An open and honest conversation can help.
  • Be aware of who is in your house. If your children have friends over or you are hosting a get together, it is best to put your prescriptions somewhere inaccessible to your guests.
  • Stay aware of your medication, how much you have left of each, is it in the same place you left it, etc.

At Opiate Treatment Centers of America we understand the seriousness of the opioid epidemic in America. While we work to treat addiction, we also want to be a part of beating addiction before it has a chance. Keeping your prescriptions safe from the wrong hands can help save friends and family members from developing an addiction.

If you or a loved one have developed an opioid addiction, there is hope. OTCOA addiction treatment is the most affordable, effective and accessible treatment available. Our outpatient program is completely confidential and tackles the physical and mental components of your individual addiction.

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