How To Deal With Addiction Triggers

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Addiction recovery is a difficult road, with many ups and down along the way.

90% of opiate addicts will relapse within the first year after completing a traditional treatment program. So, if the question for many recovering addicts isn’t if, but rather when, understanding how to deal with addiction triggers is key.

Identifying Triggers for your Substance Abuse

Addictive triggers vary across individuals. There are emotional triggers such as fear, anxiety, frustration and depression. With emotional triggers, the drug use is often used as a coping mechanism rather than handling the true source of the emotion. Then there are physical triggers like being around certain people or being at certain locations. Being at parties or bars with old friends who still use drugs can trigger the want to use again.

Help overcoming Addiction Triggers

Dealing with Addiction Triggers

Once an individual has identified their trigger(s) it is important that they avoid situations that involve them. If a trigger is an old friend, then that friendship must be ended or maintained only in drug-free situations.

If the trigger is times of high anxiety, then anxiety treatment is equally as important as addiction treatment. Seek behavioral or medicated-assistance instead of using opiates to simply cope with that emotion.

Addiction recovery in trigger-filled environment

Addiction Recovery in Trigger-Filled World

Inpatient treatment programs often fail because they take place in non-realistic trigger-free zones. At OTCOA, our outpatient program uses the combined power of behavioral and medication-assisted treatments while maintaining your way of life. Treatment at OTCOA doesn’t happen in a bubble, instead we equip you with the knowledge and tools to identify and overcome your addiction triggers.

If you or a loved one are suffering from opiate addiction and you seek effective and affordable treatment it’s time get help with OTCOA.

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