Is an Outpatient Treatment Program For Me?

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If you have decided it’s time to receive treatment for opiate addiction, let us be the first ones to say congratulations.

Seeking treatment is a big step in the right direction towards a healthy life. Now the question is, “What addiction treatment is right for me?”

At Opiate Treatment Centers of America, our opiate addiction treatments are known as outpatient programs.

What is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab is a treatment plan in which you participate in treatment sessions in the privacy of a doctor’s office, on your schedule. In many cases, intensive outpatient treatment has proven to be more effective than inpatient programs. However, each addict and their addiction is different. Understanding the pros and cons of outpatient programs for drug abuse can help ensure you choose the treatment program that will help you reach a lasting recovery. 

Outpatient Rehab includes Private Doctors Visits

Pros of Outpatient Rehabilitation

  • No interruption to your professional life – no need to take a leave from work
  • No interruption to your private life – no need for child, pet or house care
  • No onsite stay required – typical inpatient programs require a 28-day stay
  • Flexible session scheduling – with both behavioral counselors and medical doctors
  • Apply treatment lessons to real-life immediately – learn to overcome addiction triggers during recovery (Learn more about addiction triggers)
  • Affordable, covered by most insurances – $325/month insured and $500/month uninsured

Cons of Outpatient Rehabilitation

  • Not under 24-hour supervision
  • Maintain possible access to opiates during recovery
  • Not kept under a strict schedule, including when to eat and sleep
  • Not living with other rehabilitation residents

Outpatient Rehab Doesn't Interrupt Personal Life

Outpatient drug treatments allow you to maintain control of your life while receiving the most scientifically advanced treatments available. There is no added stress of putting your professional and private life on pause. At OTCOA, we understand that a successful recovery requires a realistic and proven treatment approach.

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