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At Opiate Treatment Centers of America, we’re committed to using the latest in medical innovation to help you or a loved one overcome the physical and mental effects of opioid dependency. One of the most innovative tools we have available is pharmacogenetic testing, also called drug-gene testing or pharmacogenetics. Read on for more information about what this medical technology is and how it can result in more exact treatment for you, a friend, or a member of your family.

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Pharmacogenetic testing looks at how genes affect a body’s response to medication. Because of our differing genetic makeups, our bodies work to metabolize medications differently. Through analysis of small blood or tissue samples, pharmacogenetics testing can help to determine whether a medication will be effective, what the best dose of that medicine will be for an individual and if serious side effects may occur from medication. For example, when pain medicine is administered, some patients will experience minimal or no relief if they are ultra-fast or very poor metabolizers of the drug.

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How Does it Work to Help Treat Addiction?

Pharmacogenetic testing assists in diagnosing in that it eliminates the prescribing of drugs that would otherwise cause adverse effects for the patient. It can also help doctors determine what treatment will be most effective in alleviating psychological and physical harms caused by opiate abuse. For example, patients who have a low tolerance for opiates are more likely to develop euphoric feelings when taking the drug, potentially leading to addiction.

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How does OTCOA use Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Data collected from the studies on genes, can help in predicting appropriate treatments for a patient suffering from both pain and addiction. By determining what metabolic pathways influence someone’s desire to use, a doctor can prescribe the best kind of care to address these specific issues. Pharmacogenetic testing then helps a doctor prescribe the type and dosage of medicine that will most effectively alleviate the patient’s symptoms.

OTCOA uses a patent-pending diagnostic tool developed in partnership with Dr. Bill Massey. Massey is a renowned geneticist with more than twenty years of experience in neuropharmacology. Our diagnostic tool evaluates inherited genetic differences in all of the possible drug metabolic pathways, considering the effects of more than 140 different drugs, including psychiatric medications.

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What’s the Cost?

At OTCOA, our goal is to provide patients with the best, most innovative medical technology for an affordable price. We offer pharmacogenetic testing as part of our comprehensive, outpatient treatment plan, which we offer for only $500 a month. We also accept private insurance plans, which can reduce your cost to only $325 a month. We believe that treatment should be accessible to all people – not just those who can afford it.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with an opiate addiction, we can help. Discover a treatment designed for your specific needs, and offered in a warm and welcoming environment. End the cycle of abuse today.

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