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Opiate Treatment Centers of America is proud to still be committed to using the latest addiction treatment advances to help you or your loved ones defeat opiate addiction. Our strongest tool is still our pharmacogenetic testing for addiction, also called drug-gene testing or pharmacogenetics. This article is an update to our original pharmacogenetic article, found here. Learn more about pharmacogenetics and how this medical technology can produce a more exact and effective addiction treatment.

What Is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Everyone’s bodies metabolize medications differently and pharmacogenetic testing for addiction has the ability to see how an individual’s body will react to a medication.The test is simple and only takes a small blood or tissue sample. From here, pharmacogenetics testing can determine which medications and dosage amount will be the most effective, and can predict if a serious side effect will occur. This helps

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Our team of addiction specialists use pharmacogenetics testing to eliminate drugs during the treatment process that would in reality cause adverse effects and help determine which medication the patient should be on. This is really beneficial for patients who still struggle with the underlying pain that required opiates to begin with. Our addiction specialists want to prescribe the type and dosage of medication that will most effectively alleviate their patient’s symptoms.

OTCOA uses a patent-pending diagnostic tool developed in partnership with Dr. Bill Massey. Massey is a renowned geneticist with more than twenty years of experience in neuropharmacology. Our diagnostic tool evaluates inherited genetic differences in all of the possible drug metabolic pathways, considering the effects of more than 140 different drugs, including psychiatric medications.

Cost of Pharmacogenetics Testing

At OTCOA, our goal is to provide patients with the best, most innovative medical technology for an affordable price. We offer pharmacogenetic testing as part of our comprehensive, outpatient treatment plan, which we offer for only $500 a month. We also accept private insurance plans, which can reduce your cost to only $325 a month. We believe that treatment should be accessible to all people – not just those who can afford it.

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