Precision Treatment For Addiction

OTCOA’s patent pending DNA diagnostic tool evaluates inherited genetic differences in all of the possible drug metabolic pathways. These differences can affect how a person responds to more than 140 different drugs, including psychiatric medications.  For those patients who suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, finding the right psychiatric medication can be vital to lasting recovery. Too often, patients taking psychiatric medications experience adverse side effects or no effect at all. This can derail their mental health and addiction recovery efforts. Finding the right medication in the right dose quickly can significantly improve their chances at long term success.

Our DNA test can also help identify the type of opioid addiction you may be more prone to: satiating, compulsory or chronic. With this knowledge, our treatment team can better determine which therapeutic approaches are right for you.  This test was developed by OTCOA alongside renowned geneticist and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Bill Massey, to meet the specific needs of the addiction and behavioral health treatment community. Dr. Massey, is a neuropharmacologist, life sciences professional and senior executive with twenty-two years of experience. He has played a vital role in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology-related industries placing new drugs into human testing and onto the market. 

OTCOA’s patient-centered approach combines our combinatorial pharmacogenetic testing with behavioral therapies to address the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of addiction.

A Revolutionary Treatment Option

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