Sleeping During Opiate Withdrawal

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Sleeping during opiate withdrawal can be difficult. Insomnia is a common symptom of withdrawal and through the years many have found tricks to help fall asleep. Your addiction specialist will recommend the proper techniques and you should always listen to the advice of your medical professional.

How to Help Sleep While Withdrawing from Opiates

Tips to fall asleep during opiate withdrawal

Take a Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath before bed helps to relax your muscles and your mind. The rise in body temperature caused by the warm water followed by the drop in temperature when you get out, helps to naturally induce sleepiness so you’ll be ready to crawl into bed. Try adding in a bubble bath with lavender or other relaxing scents.

Turn off electronics to help sleep

Stay Off the Electronics

Using electronics before bed does not help promote sleep. Electronics keep your brain stimulated and don’t allow for the time needed for your brain to relax and transition into sleep mode. Electronics includes more than just your phone, it means your television as well! Instead, trying reading a book or writing in a journal.


Stretching before bed can be a great way to relax your muscles, increase your body’s circulation and prepare yourself for sleep. Stretch for 10 mins after your hot bath for an extra boost of sleepy relaxation. Here are 7 different yoga stretches to help you fall asleep

Unfortunately, insomnia is a reality of opiate withdrawal. However, if you are searching for way to sleep during opiate withdrawal, don’t be discouraged there are natural ways to help do so. At Opiate Treatment Centers of America we encourage you to be you honest with your doctor about all your opiate withdrawal symptoms, including when you can’t sleep. Our addiction specialists often have advice to help to ease the powers of your symptoms.

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