Should I Tell My Doctor I’m Addicted to Painkillers?

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Telling your doctor you’re addicted to opiates can seem scary. You may be worried how your doctor will react. Will you be judged? Is your doctor able and willing to get you help? Is the risk worth the reward [of treatment]?

The answer is yes, telling your doctor about your opiate addiction is the right decision!

When you are honest with your doctor you open yourself up to an opportunity to get real help. Doctors are well aware of the addictive powers of opiates, but need your honesty to know if you are addicted. While there are common warning signs of an opiate addict, it is important to remember that your doctor is not a mind reader and that it is often up to you to start the conversation.

Should I tell my doctor I'm addicted to painkillers?

What Will Happen When I Tell My Doctor About My Opiate Addiction?

First of all, it is important to know you will not be judged. You will also not be in trouble. Once you open up to your doctor about your opiate addiction it becomes your doctor’s number one priority to find you help. Whether this help is recommended in the form of rehabilitation, medication or a combination of therapies, your doctor is dedicated to your well-being. Wondering which rehab is best for you?

How do I tell my doctor I'm addicted?

What If I’m Not Sure I’m Ready For Treatment?

By being honest with your doctor about your addiction you have open yourself up to the path to treatment, but the next step is up to you. No one can force you to receive treatment, but opiate addiction treatment has evolved into a very confidential, affordable and effective reality. At Opiate Treatment Centers of America we are proud to continually bust the myths of addiction treatment.

When you open up to your doctor about your addiction you give yourself an honest opportunity to reach an addiction free life. By keeping your addiction from your doctor you are doing more harm than good. Although the conversation may seem intimidating it is important to remember that your doctor is on your side, and so is OTCOA.

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