Affordable and Effective Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Seeking Heroin Withdrawal Help?

Here at Opiate Treatment Centers of America our addiction specialists help you get your life back.  We understand that addiction is a disease and believe it can be managed.

Our customized program includes:

  • Outpatient care that provides long lasting recovery without disrupting daily life
  • Suboxone-assisted therapy, a successful and safe heroin detox drug used to combat addiction
  • Behavioral therapy, because addiction is a condition with psychological implications too

Our cost of Heroin Addiction Treatments are the lowest available, and we accept insurance.

  • Only $500 per month uninsured
  • $325 per month insured

We are here for you. Call or Complete Our Contact Form to get in contact with our treatment specialists today.

In addition to helping you heal, our top priority is your privacy. Your privacy and personal information are protected. Every communication is confidential. To review our privacy policy, click here.

We look forward to helping you get your life back.

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