Custom, Comprehensive, Accessible Treatment Services For Opioid Addiction

OTCOA has created a warm, welcoming environment that is different from the sterile clinics often experienced by people seeking opiate addiction treatment. We are focused on using the most advanced scientific methods and an inclusive approach that caters to both the mental and physical effects of opioid withdrawal.

During your first visit to a OTCOA treatment facility, one of our certified staff physicians will assess you. Your diagnosis will include our combinatorial approach to pharmacogenetic testing. This DNA-specific diagnostic tool evaluates the unique way in which your body metabolizes drugs, thus removing the guesswork from prescribing a broad range of medications.  This includes psychiatric medications.  For those patients who suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition, finding the right psychiatric medication can be vital to lasting recovery. Our DNA test can also help identify the type of opioid addiction you may be more prone to: satiating, compulsory or chronic. This knowledge informs our treatment team as they develop the most effective treatment approaches for you.

A Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our team of professionals includes doctors, counselors, and physical therapists.  Because each person’s experience with opiate addiction is unique, an individualized treatment plan is developed for each patient.  You or your loved one may be suffering from chronic pain, psychological issues, or a combination of both.  Our staff will work through these issues with you, developing a plan for sustainable recovery that works for you.  This process includes a monthly visit with one of our doctors and one of our physical therapists.  Frequency of individual counseling sessions will be determined by you and your counselor, based upon your specific needs.  Typically counseling sessions are more frequent in the beginning and become less frequent as you progress in meeting your treatment goals.

Comprehensive Recovery

Many studies have shown the most effective opiate addiction treatment combines medication-assisted therapy with behavioral counseling. Suboxone therapy manages cravings while at the same time preventing long-lasting withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, that perpetuate the addiction cycle. It is safe and effective. It enables patients to quickly and successfully regain healthy, productive lives. For clients suffering from chronic pain, Suboxone therapy is an effective alternative to problematic pain medications. 

Counseling helps patients understand the nature and severity of their problem.  It supports them in identifying a relapse prevention plan and in developing the coping skills they will need to implement that plan. OTCOA’s comprehensive approach can put an end to opiate addiction’s devastating effects on you and your family.

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