What Addiction Does to a Family

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The effects of addiction on a family can be devastating.

Drug addiction is powerful and can cause an addicted person to spend time and money on their habit instead of their family. When someone’s priorities shift from family to fix, it’s time to take action.

What are the effects of addiction on a family?

Emotional Stress

The emotional stress caused by drug addiction effects everyone in the household, including spouses and children. Spouses of addicted people can become withdrawn to protect themselves emotionally. Intimate relations suffer and often times one or both of the spouses seek attention elsewhere. Children who live with a drug addicted parent or parents often develop anger issues, have a hard time fitting into social groups and struggle in school.

What are the effects of addiction on a family.


Financial Stress

For many families not struggling with an addicted member, the stress of financial problems is already a reality. When addiction is added into the mix, the stress of its financial burden can become too much to bear. Prescription drugs are expensive but the high price tag doesn’t stop the addicted from spending the money. Instead, the family is left struggling with the financial effects of drug abuse on the family.

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If you are struggling with addiction and have a family at home, we can help.

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