What to Expect in Treatment and Recovery

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Making the decision to pursue opiate addiction treatment and recovery is a courageous one. It’s a difficult path to walk, but if you or a loved one has made the choice, you’ve taken the first step toward getting help. You may be concerned about the recovery process for yourself or a family member. It is a monumental decision, but there’s no need to be afraid of the recovery process. OTCOA outlines what to expect during the early stages of your recovery based on the developmental model of recovery, with help from resources at CRC Health.

  1. Awareness and Early Acknowledgment
    This is most likely the stage where you or a loved one currently is. This is when a problem becomes apparent, and friends and family may begin to express concern over an individual’s use of a particular opiate.Awareness and Early Acknowledgement.jpg
  2. Contemplation
    This is when awareness translates into action. In between the first and second stage, an individual struggling with addiction decides to do something about their growing awareness of a problem. They may take small steps, like asking for help.
  3. Preparation and Exploration
    This is the stage when someone begins exploring options for recovery, and considers treatment as an option. Preparing to give up an opioid dependence may involve traditional stages of grief, such as denial and anger.Researching Recovery Options
    4. Action and Early Recovery
    Someone in active recovery has given up the opiate that constitutes their addiction. This is a time of great vulnerability, as the recovering individual begins to let go of the people, places and situations related to the addiction. They are faced with the daunting but rewarding task of building a new life without the addiction and associated triggers.

    Relapse is common during this period – if you or a loved one give in to addiction at this early stage, don’t be ashamed. Seek help and take the necessary steps to avoid a return to addiction.

    5. Advanced Recovery and Maintenance
    At this stage, someone in recovery has done an incredible amount of work. They have also acknowledged that their work is never over, and that addiction recovery is a lifelong process of health and self-awareness.


If you find yourself in an early stage of recovery and are seeking an affordable, evidence-based approach to recovery, contact OTCOA. We’re here to help.

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